Natasha Griffin-Steele

Prosthetics - Vinyl Bald Cap Theatre - Westward Ho 1920's 1940's Kulture 2 Couture Fashion -Marie Antoinette Special Effects - Black Eye
Theatre - A Midsummer Nights Dream Short Movie - First Kiss Fashion Show Fashion - Goth Gelatin Burn Fashion Showreel - Semelie E
Showreel - Semelie Pop Group - Mollie from The Saturdays Fashion - Own Design 1950's Golum 1960's Theatre - An Inspector Calls
Internet Drama - The Secret World of Sam King Kulture  2 Couture Commercial - Doritos Theatre - The King and I Air brush make up and nails Theatre - Old Age Short Movie - Fathers Footsteps
Short Movie - White Christmas Burns Internet Drama - The Secret World of Sam King Prosthetics - Wax nose and waxed out eyebrows CONTACT